Ingeniería de Tráfico, S.L.

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Ingeniería de Tráfico, S.L.

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INTRA, Ingeniería de Tráfico S.L., develops studies and projects for traffic and transport, urban planning, pedestrians and cycling, road safety and environmental care, and their economic and legal implications. The correct functioning of all the system of transports will allow the optimum socioeconomic development from the area in which it presents itself.

But the transport is conditioned also by multiple external factors. The great solutions, for so much, will not be obtained from operations that they affect only to the traffic, but they will be in the joint integration of performances and in its application about the territorial ordering.

The resources with what are counted out for the management, in the public sector as well as in the private one, have to search the efficiency and the profitability above everything and, moreover, have to make it without forgetting social, environmental and road safety criteria.

INTRA, wants to optimize this efficiency through the analysis and diagnosis of the mobility, the prognosis of alternative future and the planning in cities/regions of the performances to propose.

INTRA, over more than 40 years of activity, it has developed the necessary structure to carry out large studies with the support of specific transport engineering tools. The company's professionals have valuable and proven experience, and they have the support of a highly qualified auxiliary team.

INTRA has always been characterised by sensitivity towards road safety, mobility of vulnerable road users and the environment, and this is present in our daily work.