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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
The workshop will took place on 25th May 2023. At the European Road Safety Charter we strive for zero road fatalities and serious injuries by 2050. Unfortunately, we still have a long road ahead of us to achieve this vision. When road crashes do occur, we can still save lives. Well-developed post-…
Tuesday, May 23, 2023
During the online workshop Road safety for all the Charter provided a platform to vulnerable road users groups to better understand the challenges they are facing and how all Charter members can collaborate to improve their safety via best practices. 
Tuesday, February 7, 2023
The EU Road Safety Results Conference is an opportunity to engage with EU Member State authorities and all stakeholders on the progress being made in implementing the Safe System approach. In particular, it allows participants to learn how work towards the Key Performance Indicators set out in the…
Thursday, January 5, 2023
90% of the European cyclist have been afraid of the risky behaviour of other users in the past. This percentage was revealed in a survey conducted by Ipsos for VINCI Autoroutes Foundation in 11 different countries.
Friday, July 22, 2022
The Protective Innovations of New Equipment for Enhanced Rider Safety project, or PIONEERS, revolved around three main pillars: