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Young pedestrians and cyclists are vulnerable in traffic. Crash figures show that children and young people are more likely to be victims of road crashes when they start to travel independently and/or switch to a new means of transport with which they have less experience. Among young pedestrians and cyclists in Flanders, the number of road casualties increases from the age group of 6 to 11 years. Specifically among young cyclists, this increase continues in the age group of 12 to 15 years.
In the past, traffic safety and mobility education in primary education in Flanders was often limited to theoretical lessons on knowledge of traffic rules and traffic signs, usually for the age group of 6 to 12 years. With our practice-oriented pedestrian and bicycle certificates, we want to provide practice-oriented traffic safety and mobility education from kindergarten onwards (2.5 years).
From the first of September 2022, MKIF Magyar Koncessziós Infrastruktursa Fejlsztó Zrt took over the operation, maintenance and development of 1,237 km of existing Hungarian expressways.

When analyzing the accidents recorded by our traffic surveillance cameras on domestic expressways, we noticed that it is important to draw attention to traffic safety in our communication (keeping a following distance, observing the speed limit near work areas, protecting our colleagues, early education of children/young adults in safe traffic) and traffic -culture (littering, driving in an egoistic style that endangers others, early education of children/young adults on responsible driving).

E-scooters - New TV led E-Scooter campaign

Our new TV led E-scooter campaign aims to raise awareness of the new e-scooter laws.

The campaign went live from Monday 20 May 2024 to coincide with the enactment of the new legislation in Ireland.  

The campaign is set in an office environment where we see colleagues welcome the newbie.  The colleagues are dressed up as various characters such as a car, bus, truck, motorbike and bicycle and the newbie E-scooter. We see the characters interact with each other while highlighting six of the rules of the road that apply to E-scooter use.

More than 6000 children up to the age of 14 died between 2011 and 2020 in road collisions in the European Union. In 2023 there were 1,778 road crashes involving children in Poland
aged 0-14: 48 ​​children died and 1,832 were injured. About 45.7% of all road crashes victims in Poland are vulnerable
road traffic users. Many of them involve children in rural areas.
DEKRA Italia, as a leading road safety company, faces several challenges and problems to raise awareness of the issue and reduce the number of accidents and deaths. One of the main ones is the increasing presence of driving distractions, such as cell phone use or lack of attention to the road due to fatigue or stress.
Our daily commitment is to raise awareness about the consequences of these bad habits and to promote responsible driving behavior.

In Italy in particular in the last year, there is a high number of road accidents especially among the younger generations: in this sense, our Mission is to raise awareness on proper road education among the youngest, but also aiming to include all age groups in order to change their cultural asset, values and habits in order to support the growth of a generation of future drivers inspired by safety and sustainability. By 'playing' from an early age with road safety and proactively exercising young people on the golden rules of safe driving, we are sure to contribute to future drivers being ready for the challenges on safety and sustainability of the cities of the future, between micro- and macro-mobility.
We have created a School for Motorcyclists called GSSS in 2005 to avoid head-on accidents occurring mostly in our wonderful Mountain contests. We have implemented a precise Method base on theoretical + practical lessons. We implemented a complete learning path that leads Students from basic teachings to advanced learnings.

30th National Competition “Safe in Traffic”

The national competition “Safe in Traffic” was held in Pula, Croatia from the 21st until the 23rd of May. During the 30th consecutive competition the fifth- and sixth-grade students showed their knowledge of traffic regulations and rules, as well as their cycling skills.

The Importance of Horizontal and Vertical Signaling in Road Safety

Industrie Mica Prahova SA and Drumul in siguranta weblog published the study called "The Importance of Horizontal and Vertical Signaling in Road Safety", the first of its kind at national level. As per the traffic data presented at the beginning of the year by the Romanian Police, which reveal that over 1,540 people lost their lives and another 3,550 were injured in road accidents in 2023. The main causes of serious accidents are the failure to adapt speed to road conditions and irregular pedestrian crossing.

Awareness actions to promote safer roads and sustainable mobility. Transforming our concept of mobility from a mobility based in fuel consumption transportation to a green and ecological mobility.
Awareness actions for all 17 2030 goals, particularly for the goal 3 (good health and wellbeing), 11 (sustainable cities and communities) and 13 (climate actions). These goals will help to reduce the number of car crashes and victims.
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