10 years after the creation of Drumul in siguranta weblog, Industrie Mica Prahova SA launches the study ”SPEED– a leading cause of road accidents”

Ploiesti, February 16, 2023 –On the 10th anniversary of the creation of Drumul in siguranta weblog, Industrie Mică Prahova SA brings to the public attention a new study dedicated to improving road safety, this time addressing the issue of speed. The study named "SPEED – a leading cause of road accidents" seeks to contribute to the reduction of the very large number of road accidents at national level by discussing the factors that influence the speed of vehicles and by advancing solutions regarding speed management.

According to the latest Police report, a worrying number of 4,261 road accidents occurred nationwide between January 1 and November 30 last year. The main causes of unwanted road events were: indiscipline of pedestrians (18.4%), non-observance of the legal speed regime (17.3%) and cycling offences (11.4%). The same source also mentions that these figures would be greatly diminished if all citizens chose to comply with the traffic rules established by law.

A number of speed studies have been developed over time by various institutions or bodies at international level. The conclusions of different perspectives on excessive speed are similar: speed is one of the main causes of deaths on the roads and a main risk factor for traffic collisions, but any measure on speed management must be reflected primarily in road design. "The study created by us represents a cumulation of various international approaches to speed management and presents simple solutions, the implementation of which does not require major financial efforts," said on this occasion Iulia-Mihaela Matreş, Deputy General Manager of Industrie Mică Prahova SA. "Road markings and traffic signs are such solutions that can contribute, when implemented coherently, to a significant reduction in the number of road accident victims," she concluded.

A significant role in the advancement of speed reduction solutions is played by awareness campaigns in this field. According to the study released today, it becomes apparent that when a community becomes convinced that high speed is not acceptable, it will be much more willing to support speed reduction measures as well as other road safety interventions.

Industrie Mică Prahova SA has been active in the field of horizontal and vertical road signage since 1990 and has clients such as city halls and local and county councils in Romania. Drumul in siguranta is the only company blog in Romania on the topic of road safety, being created 10 years ago, following the signing of the European Road Safety Charter. In these ten years, numerous studies, articles and statistics on the topic of road safety have been published in order to make these solutions known at local level, being known that Romania occupies an unwanted leading place in terms of road accidents.