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13 May 2023 10:00 – 10:00
auditorium of the Transport and Communications Directorate of the Athens Central Regional Unit

Professional Cyclist Imogen Cotter Launches new safety campaign with the RSA and Škoda Ireland

Professional Cyclist Imogen Cotter Launches new safety campaign with the RSA and Škoda Ireland A new RSA report shows that for every one person killed while cycling, there were 25 seriously injured*. 9% of people seriously injured while cycling was a result of a hit and run incident. ‘Failure to observe’ by other drivers was their most frequently noted action (38%) in collisions where people who cycle were seriously injured.
Friday, April 21, 2023 - 16:32
1. Right-hand priority rule
1.1 Safety
1.2 Fluidity
2. The roundabout
3. Parking
3.1. The parking parallel to the axis of the road
3.2. The parking perpendicular to the axis of the road
3.3. The oblique parking on the axis of the road
3.3.1 The parking at a sharp angle to the axis of the road
3.3.2 Parking at an obtuse angle to the road axis
4. Crosswalks: safety, fluidity, slow speed
4.1 The danger when crossing the street
4.2 Intersection blocking
4.3 Intermittent blocking
4.4 The impossibility of applying visible markings
4.5 Geometry of crosswalks, solution for excessive speed
5. Vehicle lights
5.1 The third brake light
5.2 Lights
5.3 Horizontal daytime or position lights
5.4 Signal lights
5.5 The surface and luminous intensity
5.6 Emergency lights
6. Entry and exit lanes, in and out of the highway
6.1 Length of acceleration and deceleration lanes
6.2 Common acceleration/deceleration lanes
7. Road markings and reflective elements
7.1 STOP and Yield markings
7.2 The reflectivity of markings
8. The devices with dispaly inside the cars
9. European technical inspection
10. European vehicle card
11. Final conclusions

Distraction and modern technology - against all efforts: device use by car drivers to rise inacceptable

March 2023 - A new study done by Allianz Insurance Germany found that use of in-car or of mobile devices by drivers while driving has rosen inacceptably high. Selected figures drawn from other sources show the same for other countries. The Allianz survey with N=1200 German drivers was compared with 2016 results. Namely smartphone use for texting was found as doubled, use for applications others than phoning, navigating or texting rose from 6 to 22 percent.

10 years after the creation of Drumul in siguranta weblog, Industrie Mica Prahova SA launches the study ”SPEED– a leading cause of road accidents”

Ploiesti, February 16, 2023 –On the 10th anniversary of the creation of Drumul in siguranta weblog, Industrie Mică Prahova SA brings to the public attention a new study dedicated to improving road safety, this time addressing the issue of speed.

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