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Happy Trails for the Road Safety Authority as Seatbelt Sheriff saddles up to deliver awards

The Road Safety Authority has announced the winners of its annual Seatbelt Sheriff Awards which celebrate the dedication and creative ideas of primary school children to keep themselves, their friends and their loved ones safe on our roads.

The Seatbelt Sheriff Awards are now in their 19th year, and while it’s not their first rodeo, this year marks the first year that the Seatbelt Sheriff galloped off into the sunset to deliver the awards in person to the winning schools.

‘Pass Wide and Slow’ When Meeting Horse Riders and other Vulnerable Road Users

The Road Safety Authority (RSA), and An Garda Síochána (AGS) have teamed up with Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) and Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) to produce a series of videos to inform motorists how to share the roads safely with horse riders.

13 May 2023 10:00 – 10:00
auditorium of the Transport and Communications Directorate of the Athens Central Regional Unit

Professional Cyclist Imogen Cotter Launches new safety campaign with the RSA and Škoda Ireland

Professional Cyclist Imogen Cotter Launches new safety campaign with the RSA and Škoda Ireland A new RSA report shows that for every one person killed while cycling, there were 25 seriously injured*. 9% of people seriously injured while cycling was a result of a hit and run incident. ‘Failure to observe’ by other drivers was their most frequently noted action (38%) in collisions where people who cycle were seriously injured.
Saturday, May 6, 2023 - 19:43
In 2018, an analysis of the causes of road crashes involving pedestrians in the voivodship Małopolskie in Poland found that 68% of such crashes occurred in the vicinity of pedestrian crossings. The Małopolska Voivodship Police Headquarters in Cracow undertook a detailed assessment of the illumination of and road markings at pedestrian crossings for the whole region. The study identified a large number of deficiencies, especially related to illumination. The official statistics confirmed the high risk for pedestrians on pedestrian crossings.
Wednesday, May 3, 2023 - 13:21
Data oriented and supported measures to protect vulnerable road users by understanding behavioural aspects at different infrastructural sections is mandatory for professional and successful pro-active road safety work. Usual data collection within the road safety sector is provided by short-timed data collection by hand or police-initiated reports after crashes happened. For better results in research and infrastructure planning, much more data over longer timespans is needed to provide better understanding on traffic flow mechanics, human behaviour and infrastructural effects on both former topics.
With the Mobility Observation Box (MOB) an image sensor based solution to collect, measure and evaluate trajectory data that integrates seamless into traffic flows without interfering them was developed to overcome the data collection issues. MOB is able to collect data for up to 14 consecutive days on-site with machine learning based post-processing of relevant safety KPIs such as TTC and PET. The technology is battery-powered and can be mounted nearly everywhere due to its lightweight.
Friday, April 21, 2023 - 16:32
1. Right-hand priority rule
1.1 Safety
1.2 Fluidity
2. The roundabout
3. Parking
3.1. The parking parallel to the axis of the road
3.2. The parking perpendicular to the axis of the road
3.3. The oblique parking on the axis of the road
3.3.1 The parking at a sharp angle to the axis of the road
3.3.2 Parking at an obtuse angle to the road axis
4. Crosswalks: safety, fluidity, slow speed
4.1 The danger when crossing the street
4.2 Intersection blocking
4.3 Intermittent blocking
4.4 The impossibility of applying visible markings
4.5 Geometry of crosswalks, solution for excessive speed
5. Vehicle lights
5.1 The third brake light
5.2 Lights
5.3 Horizontal daytime or position lights
5.4 Signal lights
5.5 The surface and luminous intensity
5.6 Emergency lights
6. Entry and exit lanes, in and out of the highway
6.1 Length of acceleration and deceleration lanes
6.2 Common acceleration/deceleration lanes
7. Road markings and reflective elements
7.1 STOP and Yield markings
7.2 The reflectivity of markings
8. The devices with dispaly inside the cars
9. European technical inspection
10. European vehicle card
11. Final conclusions
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