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WingDriverTM is a B2B solution that uses computer vision and AI technology designed for smartphones and Android Automotive to enhance driver safety and prevent accidents. By integrating our SDK into existing mobile apps, organizations can easily implement advanced driver monitoring features such as distraction, drowsiness detection and other functions, as well as real-time warning alerts. Besides commercial fleets, navigation companies, auto-manufacturers and other applications, this is the next generation of Usage-Based Insurance, now able to assess actual driver risk.

WingDriver is a revolutionary driver monitoring solution that harnesses the power of smartphones, computer vision and AI technology to enhance safety on the road. 
Our unique approach uses the driver's smartphone to detect a range of driver states, including drowsiness, distraction, fatigue, and more. Soon we will be able to detect cognitive load, stress and driver impairment. Our SDK strategy enables us to implement our technology into existing mobile apps that already have a large user base, BIG DATA play. Our data-driven approach allows us to eventually understand the correlation between driver state and driver actions and accidents. We will be able to identify risky behavior by drivers that we KNOW leads to accidents, and with effective intervention, eliminate a large percentage of those accidents and fatalities. This is a noble goal that we are dedicated to achieving, and we are excited about the potential of our technology to make a real impact on road safety.

WingDriverTM is the only company implementing Computer Vision and AI on smartphones and mobile operating systems to analyze combined facial analysis, vehicle inertial data and the vehicle surroundings to accurately identify driver drowsiness, fatigue, distraction and other driver states to prevent accidents.
The WingDriverTM tech uses smartphone cameras and sensors or the in-vehicle driver monitoring camera and Android automotive unit and combined with Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) research results, for the decision making processes that will identify the driver situation and alert drivers in real-time using audio and visual messages. Additionally, our Big Mobility Data strategy will enable us to understand the correlation between driver behavior and accidents with greater precision to accurately assess driver risk.
Our solution is based on: 
 - WingDriverTM Software Development Kit (SDK) - To enable any mobile application company or automotive manufacturers to include these safety features in their products;
 - WingDriverTM Cloud data - Enabling for a better risk assessment and consequently improved insurance products; 
 - WingDriverTM App and White-label apps - Our iOS and Android apps are developed in a way that enables a quick change on the visuals to fit our client needs. Facilitating proof of concept activities.