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Learner Driver Support Programme is a not for profit organisation that supports learner drivers to achieve the required individual number of practice driving hours in a safe and supportive environment.

A car will be provided for the programme with dual controls and relevant tax, insurance and roadworthiness checks. Garda vetted volunteers aged over 25 with a full driving licence over 2 years will receive 8 hours training in how to supervise and support a learner driver. Young adults between 17-24 years of age who do not have access to a car or financial means will be vetted to assess if they meet criteria to enter the programme. When a learner enters the programme they will be given details on how to apply for €250 Training Support Grant scheme which will enable them to undertake 6 driving lessons with an Approved Driving Instructor. On completion of these driving lessons and with consultation with a driving instructor the learner is matched up with a suitable volunteer who will provide 90 minutes of supervised driving with the learner per week until they are at a suitable safe and independent driving standard. This supervised driving practice will take place in the car provided by the Learner Driver Support Programme. Funding will be sought for completion of remaining mandatory Essential Driver Training lessons and provision of vehicle for the driving test.