"I drive in a spirit of respect and understanding"

19 December 2016 23:00 – 22 December 2016 23:00
Nea Peramos
Our organisation is participating in this season´s Christmas Compassion Festival organised by the neighbouring community of Nea Peramos between 20 and 23rd December 2016 at Nea Peramos, We are setting up a stand where visitors of all ages will be able to draw and colour instances about respecting people. Special emphasis is given to pedestrians and vehicle drivers as subjects. Through this action we attempt to raise public awareness to drive or walk understanding each other and avoid aggressive behaviour in case of misconduct. We want to spread the message that drivers must show this sense of respect, attention and understanding so much for their own lives but the lives of those they carry or coexist in the roads. The special poster bears the message "I drive in a spirit of respect and understanding"


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