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ForSICS - Sicurezza Stradale

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The main goal of our Association, ForSICS - Sicurezza Stradale for road safety, is to create and empower awareness about road safety among people of all ages and culture and to contrast road accidents, trying to make roads safer for the next future.
ForSICS operates in southern Italy, which is nationally considered a critical area due to the high number of road accidents every year.
How do we fulfill our goals?
We constantly look at the road safety topic focusing both on the technical and on the psychological aspects related to it. We organize events and conferences for the whole community to spread knowledge about road safety; we write educational projects for schools of all levels to build a stronger consciousness among young people about risks connected to road; we study infrastructures to suggest solutions.
ForSICS doesn't work alone. In fact we constantly work in a network made of other associations, local and national institutions and experts in the field of road safety.
We believe in what we do, and we're sure that together we can be stronger and that it'll be possible to achieve the "ZERO ACCIDENTS" goal.