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Awareness actions to promote safer roads and sustainable mobility. Transforming our concept of mobility from a mobility based in fuel consumption transportation to a green and ecological mobility.
Awareness actions for all 17 2030 goals, particularly for the goal 3 (good health and wellbeing), 11 (sustainable cities and communities) and 13 (climate actions). These goals will help to reduce the number of car crashes and victims.
17 September 2023 12:18 – 18:19
Headquarter of the Province of Treviso: Sant’Artemio Park
Thursday, September 28, 2023 - 11:15
After the pandemic, the number of lethal road accidents in the Province of Treviso has unfortunately increased exponentially and it doesn’t seem to decrease, involving not only vehicles but also pedestrians, bikers, and cyclists. Collected data indicate that young people under 30 are one of the most involved age groups in road accidents. From different points of view this is called “tragic anomaly” in the Province of Treviso.

Improvement Intervention of the Road Network

The Province of Treviso, through the Road network Department, carries out construction sites to improve road infrastructures, signage, and upgrade particularly dangerous junctions along the 1.200 km of roads it manages, assuring ordinary conservation operations of road domain through constant maintenance and vigilance, capable of giving features to the road network in order to sustain traffic fluxes.

Round table on road safety

In order to create more synergy among those who, in various capacities, deal with road safety, on September 28, the Province of Treviso started “Project of Road safety and Management of Personal and Social Outcomes on Car Accidents”, involving institutions, local authorities, law enforcement agencies, associations, and many operators in the area, aiming to identify and implementing actions to reduce road accidents and raise awareness among citizens. Those involved are committed to work on 4 fronts: health, social, education, and traffic.

Road Accidents Monitoring Centre

Province of Treviso Road Accidents Monitoring Centre collects accidents data the Marca Trevigiana area in collaboration with Law Forces coordinate with Treviso Prefecture and Local Police. Provincial Administration pays great attention to monitoring accidents on the road network. Any reduction policy of this phenomenon goes through collecting and analysing computerized date about road accidents detected on the territory.

Friday, May 12, 2023 - 10:05
A simply file to print and give in Public Administrations offices tò cooperate in fixing black spots.

Using Social Media for knowledge

we are convinced that technology is essential today to address the lack of social and road culture in many states, not only in the Mediterranean area.  But we wonder if it is not yet possible to intervene with the "older" generations to improve these problems via technology as well.  We could use the social networks Facebook and WhatsApp to distribute easily printable files to report to the authorities on the problems that we as motorcyclists encounter daily on the roads.

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