European Road Safety Charter

Tijdkritische transporten voor derden

Uit onze corebusiness zijnde het luchtvracht en de line -haul bewegingen tussen de diverse luchthavens en terminals,is een diversificatie gegroeid en dit op vraag van ons cliënteel zelf, zijnde het GDP gebeuren, het HACCP gebeuren , en zelfs de toelevering van catering. Door onze input in een maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen, een duidelijke strategische keuze,heeft ook de markt waaronder de retail ,kennis genomen van onze gemaakte keuzes dewelke de basis vormen van onze groei en dus onze verdere ontwikkeling maar ook van onze investeringen politiek. "

As we recognize that company's responsibility must not only consider the welfare of its employees, but certainly has to emphasize to it's drivers, the danger business fleets pose to other road users, the so called weaker one's, such as pedestrians, cyclists,motorist, vehicle passengers, and last but not least but also to their colleagues of the business fleet on the road. The content of our safety awareness program, which is a standard for the whole of our organization implements the participation of all departments, IT, fleet, planning, training, human resources etc.. It is for us a permanent engagement in our commitment make it better and safer. Training and awarness as well as preventive and corrective taken in regard to a road safety policy are essential elements taken into consideration. This start already from the beginning at the screening of a potential candidate. Internal procedures are stating a zero tolerance in the use of alcohol, drugs , pharmaceutical products even when necessary in a health proces. Use as to be notified to operations and an occupational physician is controlling if the use of it could have an impact on road attitude or behavior. If there is a risk, driver will not be allowed to drive, till result of the possible impact is zero.

Sponsorship training: guidance of a new employee by experienced drivers during several days in regard to road safety aspects, attitude on the road etc. The evaluation resulting from this will give a clear picture of the new employer and if extra attention and or training is required. Regular drivers evaluation, recap of the procedures and internal rules in regard to the behavior of other road-users (such as courtesy, defensive driving...) . Permanent monitoring of the drivers( drivers-report) or noticed incident by external parties, meaning also other road users,issues are discussed in a group of experienced drivers, given the offendor a clear insight of his bad conduct, but also reflections how he can avoid situations and how to act in future. regular training in regard to defensive driving. Fleet mangement following up emergency automotive break system, analyzing the results in regard to the frequency of emergency breaks, which give a clear view of the driving attitude. Planning does take into cosnideration routing bypassing urban-or village centers or even hours when there is a saturation of traffic.

Externally we are offering to schools or public institutes on site awareness programming regard to the blind spotted and the action caused by heavy passing traffic. The visual discovery of masses and dimensions is part of this. Mostly those participants are youngsters between the 8 till 12 years old, even though we made already the remark that this program should be open for all ages. as sometimes schools do not find time to integrate this program in their traffic program.We are lobbying with local authorities to get this done but fear this is not enough.All public instances should be aware of the importance or even when the importance is known ,to free time in an official imposed program ,to allow all to get known with dangers. As per our mission statement: " we are due to inspire, motivate and stimulate"