Formació 3.0

Member since: June 2024
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Formació 3.0 is a free programme to promote advanced training for motorcyclists by the Servei Català de Trànsit, in collaboration with ANESDOR. 

In these practical driving sessions, adapted to all levels, the motorcyclist rides for about 20 minutes, accompanied by a monitor who records the movements of the user. The images are then viewed to correct any faults.

The motorbike is also checked, indicating what needs to be improved in its maintenance. At the end of activity, the recording is handed over so the user can review and assimilate the information received.

These sessions are not only carried out on roads with a large number of motorcyclists, there are also urban routes that we normally carry out with companies that have workers who use motorcyles during their working day (in mission) or to get to their place of work (in itinere).



Group of users reviewing the mistakes they have made while riding their motorbikes