Joint organisation of the event "Urban road safety day" ("Prometni dan v urbanem okolju")

8 November 2017 23:00


AMD Slovenija avto, Siletra
Joint organisation of the event called "Urban road safety day" in Ljubljana. Presentation of the largest Slovenian road asisstance provider AMZS, their activities and services, membership. Overturn simulator, demonstration of the safety belt and rescue from the overturned vehicle. Drunken glasses, a simulation of alcohol-related behavior. Engine driving simulator, A category. Children's polygon, with electric cars. Presentation of E-mobility Bicycle stand, bicycles for general use, news, electric bikes (test drives), bicycle equipment, ordering for service .... Presentation of electric cars, modern public transport vehicles in the urban environment and other devices (EURBANI, KAVALIR, ...). Possibility of test drives accompanied by performers. Presentation of traffic police activities and equipment. Presentation and presentation of work: Fire fighting vehicle for technical rescue, rescue vehicle for work in traffic accidents. Coordinated work by teams of both vehicles: rescue of car accident victims.