European Road Safety Charter

Road safety and disability: preschoolers and their parents in action!!!

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In our school we will develop a plan to increase awareenss towards road safety in children with special needs (learnign and motor disability) and their parents. What we plan is to teach children basic rules and set the basis for their raod attitude as well as their attitude in transportations such as: car and train. We will work by side with parents intending to develop healty attitudes towards road behaviour and the ones conserning transports. The specialists who will work with us will be police officers and specialists from the park we have in our town on road/traffic education. Therofore we plan a vivit to the park and a visit form a police-officer to our school for training to children, teachers and parents. Other tools that will be used consern educational material for example road signs, traffic lights, zebra, etc. Moreover we decided to use the programmable toy Bee-Bot since it is a great cognitive tool for teaching spatial concepts. We believe it includes the affordance thath every child without the need of language to communicate with it and programming it to move in every direction and position. Transfering this knowledge to real world will help thw child to move his friend who is in a wheel-chair or guide another classmate correctly. All the activities will be a simulation to real road conditions. Our evlauation will trace childrens; knowledge on road safety. Then after a 2 months implementation we will have the first evaluation and after two more months we will evaluate for the final stage.