The Importance of Horizontal and Vertical Signaling in Road Safety

Industrie Mica Prahova SA and Drumul in siguranta weblog published the study called "The Importance of Horizontal and Vertical Signaling in Road Safety", the first of its kind at national level. As per the traffic data presented at the beginning of the year by the Romanian Police, which reveal that over 1,540 people lost their lives and another 3,550 were injured in road accidents in 2023. The main causes of serious accidents are the failure to adapt speed to road conditions and irregular pedestrian crossing. The study reveals, among other things,  the importance and role of road markings as a speed limitation measure, but also the ways in which their retro-reflectivity can contribute to pedestrian road safety.  Among the topics addressed are the effect of night traffic signaling on inexperienced drivers, its role and importance as a fundamental part of road infrastructure, but also the effects the location of marked pedestrian crossings has on pedestrian behavior. The conclusions of this study demonstrate, among other things, that road accidents can be prevented through proper placement and constant maintenance of road markings and signs. It is known that different types of road markings (transverse lines, longitudinal lines, curves, etc.) are a positive measure of speed reduction, especially in dangerous locations such as curves or intersections.