Expert round table : "Safety in traffic - Alcohol in traffic"

Every eighth car accident was caused by a drunken driver Zagreb, 10 December, 2015 - Every eighth accident had been caused by a drunken driver, and every fifth person was killed. It is these, and many other data presented at a expert meeting organized by the association „Sigurnost u prometu“ in collaboration with the Zagreb brewery, on the theme "Road safety - Alcohol in Traffic" that was held in the „Home of Journalism“ in Zagreb . Devastating statistics on the proportion of traffic accidents and the impact of alcohol on drivers display a number of experts who have analyzed the situation on that occasion, traffic safety and suggested measures to increase safety and reduce the risk of road accidents caused by alcohol consumption. Association „Safety in Traffic“ – SUP had presented results of the action „European night without accidents 2015.“ a extension to the international action, that had been organised by SUP for the forth time, this time with own funds, because we believe in importance of „lifelong education“ and and the importance of continuity of action. Presentation had been held by the representative of the Ministry of internal affairs with newest statistic, experts from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of traffic science also give their contribution, department of heaslth had been represented by Marina Kuzman that had tackled theme of adolescents and alcohol drinking impact in society and on adolescent physiology and health, Zagreb brewery had also presented their responsible drinking campaing „razmisli dok piješ – ne vozi“, altough one of the conclusions had been that responible behaviour is to not drink at all when you are planning to drive. Conclusions had been presented to the press and public, and for the next year, all participants had announced comprehensive actions and non-alcohols driving campaings.

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