Promoting "Anti Driver Distraction" and Cyclist Safety Campaign.

I have for the last number of years been promoting this campaign throughout my local community/school/professional colleagues and trainees of mine. In 2014 I took the campaign to my local school but since then I have delivered the message to a mostly adult audience. I continue to promote awareness through the kids at school by way of promotional material from the Road Safety Authority in Ireland. My aim is to reduce the number of people who use their phones whilst driving, and raise Safety Awareness around cyclists on our roads. I also discuss blind spots in HGV's and show videos to HGV drivers and cyclists to show them the dangers of overtaking. I deliver this message through Safety Training and HGV driver training. I have received great feedback from the companies that I have delivered training for, they say that the awareness campaign has been hugely beneficial. I developed an air freshener with a hard hitting message and also gave out Hi Vis vests to my local running and cycling clubs to raise awareness. My aim is to reduce the amount of people that use their phones or other mobile technology whilst they are driving, I am confident that through group discussion and feedback received that my message is getting through to people. Driver Distraction continues to be a big problem in Ireland, I will continue to raise awareness through my driver distraction campaign, continued awareness is the key to reducing accidents and fatalities on our roads. Any feedback would be helpful to -

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