What we do

The European Road Safety Charter, led by the European Commission, is the largest civil society platform on road safety. To date, more than 4,000 public and private entities have committed to the Charter and carried out road safety actions and initiatives targeted at their members, employees and the rest of civil society. Together, these various entities form a community in which members can share their expertise and actions, inspiring and learning from each other.

ERSC people

Our members’ actions have strengthened road safety culture across Europe, improved common knowledge about the causes of accidents and helped to create preventative measures and solutions.

The Charter’s diverse community of members is made up of companies, associations, local authorities, research institutions, universities, schools and individuals. All committed entitles are given genuine recognition and can use our website as a platform to share their expertise and actions, enabling others to learn and become inspired.

Specifically, the Charter aims to:

  • Encourage and support European associations, schools, universities, companies of all types and sizes, and local authorities to take actions for road safety in Europe.
  • Acknowledge contributions by civil society to road safety.
  • Facilitate civil society members in acquiring and sharing knowledge on road safety issues in the European Union.
  • Facilitate true dialogue for the transfer of road safety experiences and practices at all levels of governance in the European Union.

Together, we have played a significant role in the pan-European effort to make our roads safer. The mission of the European Road Safety Charter now is to further encourage, foster and broaden this community, with an ultimate vision of reducing deaths and serious injuries by 50% between 2020 and 2030 and no fatalities and serious injuries on EU roads, by 2050.


Whether your association already has solid experience or is only just starting up a road safety program, the European Road Safety Charter is open for you to join and contribute to reduce road casualties – making European roads a safer space. Find out how to sign a commitment and join the Charter community here.