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Fundacja Prodriver

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The Prodriver Foundation has been established in March 2014. Its main objective is to implement measures serving as an improvement to the road traffic safety, in particular: educating road traffic users at all ages, especially children and youth, promoting safe behavior as a road traffic user, assistance for the road crash victims, promoting sobriety among drivers, perfecting knowledge in the area of traffic regulations among society, creating circumstances for the improvement of road traffic, promoting driving culture among road traffic users, advancement of the road traffic safety regulations among children and youth, promoting eco-driving, perfecting the driving techniques and the defensive driving, supporting premedical first aid measures on the road, initiating, introducing and promoting sustainable transport, supporting motorsport, aiding in the talent development, especially, supporting children and youth in practicing motorsports, resocialization of the road accidents perpetrators, taking precautions and prevention measures in scope of the road traffic safety.

Prodriver Foundation proposes an innovatory approach in scope of increasing awareness in road traffic safety among drivers and road traffic users at all ages in diverse projects in partnership with local and public authorities, schools, universities, private companies, associations etc. Our target groups are all the motoring enthusiasts interested in safe driving, motorsport, promoting the culture of driving and safe behaviors on the road.