X edition of awareness campaign Safe rail-road level crossing – "Stop and Live!"

31 December 2013 23:00
The key objective of the campaign is reducing the number of accidents at level crossings and in railway areas by: - promoting the correct patterns of behaviour and educate the public to accept them, - raising awareness of threats posed by being careless whilst going through crossings or railway areas. History: - We have been running the campaign since 2005. - The initial four editions were launched only in summer months. - Since 2009 the campaign has been an all year round initiative. - Since October 2012 the scope of the campaign has been expanded to include the issue of crossing the tracks in prohibited places. Accidents in Poland: - Each year there are 200-250 accidents and collisions at railway crossings, resulting in the death of dozens of people. - Approx. 300 accidents a year take place in prohibit places, causing death of 200 people on average.