Road Safety Advocates

Member since: October 2009
Submitted by Open Youth Ins… on Tue, 28/07/2020 - 12:22

The evaluation report of the “Road Safety Advocates” (RSA) project represents an independent overview of what iRED managed to achieve on local, regional and national level in Bulgaria in the course of one and a half years of hard work. When speaking about working on grass-root level, empowering young people, developing local capacity, using latest innovation in road safety and reaching out to disadvantaged people, the RSA project is truly our masterpiece. This comprehensive document analyses collected information on all phases of the project lifespan. It reflects our desire to provoke dialogue on all levels on the topic of road safety through the use of developed-over-the-years’ experience and tools in the field, so that with optimized costs we reach maximum audience, covering all Bulgarian counties through road safety actions and build a platform for future activities of the young people that dare to stand for their right to be safe on the road.

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