Participation in the event "Kid, Be Safe On The Road"

The Ninth Festivities called “Kid, Be Safe On The Road” In October the Driver Training Centre in Tarnów invited first-graders to take part in the Festivities called “Kid, Be Safe On The Road”. This event has been organized for five years now. As always there were lots of competitions and surprises prepared for children, for example a fitness test or a road signs knowledge test. Children could take part in a kart race or a race holding a stop sign and wearing a police hat. They also did road signs jigsaw puzzles and answered questions about road safety – our pupil, Patrycja Lis, got the first prize for the best and the most elaborate answer. Giving first aid aroused pupils’ interest, too. Children took an active part in all competitions. Our pupils were well prepared thanks to the Exemplary Pedestrian Exam they had taken in our school. The school itself got a prize and a certificate for promoting road safety among pupils.