European Road Safety Charter

One step towards a more reliable evaluation

The webinar on Evaluation of Road Safety actions was held on Monday 2 March and followed by 45 participants. Susanne Lindahl introduced the subject by putting stress on the need for monitoring and evaluation; she presented the interim evaluation of the Policy Orientations on Road Safety 2011-2020 and the challenges encountered. Frank Zarifian, from the global healthcare company Sanofi, presented the rigorous reporting and evaluation process that has been developed to reach an accurate measurement of the impact of their Road Safety strategy. Christina Brown, from the UK charity RoSPA, underlined that evaluation is essential not only to estimate the efficiency of an education campaign or training, but also to check that no harm is done, as some activities may be counterproductive! She commented the main difficulties in carrying out an evaluation process and proposed a few useful tips. The webinar was moderated by Pedro Valero from University of Valencia, who concluded by a synthesis on the main rules that guarantee the liability of the collected data. See their presentations in the attached files.