“Little bikers prompt the others”

Our school materializes a programme about safe cycling. The goals of the project are the students to learn about the safety use of bicycles and the benefits of cycling. Especially, the goals of the project are: 1. To prompt and encourage the students in expanding the use of bicycles. 2. To sensitive the students, their families and the local community to use the bicycles for their transportation. 3. To learn the right behavior on the road, as cycling drivers 4. To act as energetic, responsible citizens for their environment 5. The students to learn search and produce new ideas 6. To empower self-confidence 7. To develop social skills about their lifestyle 8. To import healthy ways of transportation daily 9. To utilize the new knowledge in their life. 10. To develop the cooperation between School and Authorities. The suggesting activities are: 1. 1st week (11/1/2016): The students will paint scenes with the bicycles or cycling. 2. 2nd -5th week: The pupils search information: • about the benefits of the use of cycling in the life quality. • about the points which show that is better than other means of transport. 3. 3rd week :A responsible person (an officer) from Traffic Warden will discuss with the students about the safe cycling 4. 4th week: The students create questionnaires about the use of cycling. They will share them to other students and they will gather their conclusions. 5. 5th-6th week: To write the right behavior on the road, as cycling drivers on leaflet. 6. 6th week: The students will share their leaflets for the benefits of cycling to other students 7. 7th week: The students will create a big panel and put on the school walls. 8. The students will take place to the activity of European Traffic Snake game (This project is materializing for all school students from other team) 9. 8th week: The school will organize an open discussion-lecture with specialized lectures for parents at a central place of town about the project and the cycling 10. 8th week: Our school will organize and materialize a cycling around in our town, which will be open to the students of all our town schools.