European Road Safety Charter

Education for Road Safety in the Elementary School

Our school has been setting this emphasis on Road Safety Education since the school year 2010-11 in cooperation with a private organization, the CNP ASFALISTIKH, which, with the approval of the Elementary Education Director, is the sponsor of the school’s action plan for road safety for all these years.
Through the New Curricula that is implemented since the school year 2011-12, students are given the opportunity to cover the critical issue of Road Safety in the Life Education subject that is included in the New Timetable. More specifically the New Curricula focuses to "empower students by developing their personal and social skills" and it aims to help children "understand the basic rules of road safety and demonstrate practical skills to protect themselves from the road environment as pedestrians, passengers and cyclists."
The last six years, the school organizes and implements an action plan with a different emphasis for each year: Education as Pedestrians, Education as Cyclists or Education as Passengers. This year’s (2015-16) emphasis is on Education as Cyclists.
Each year’s action (2010-2016) plan implemented in our school includes several activities which are listed below:
• Dedication of a Fortnight to Road Safety when most of the action plan’s activities take place (every February or March)
• Visits of the 1st graders to the Road Safety Park where they attend a lecture from a police officer and they practice walking around the Park with the instructions of a police officer (Students are given helmets for use as cyclists.)
• Presentation of a lecture by a police officer to the 2nd and 3rd graders in the school’s theatre about road safety in general
• Training of students on the proper use of the bicycle by a police officer in the school yard (Kids bring their own bikes and helmets - Theoretical and practical training)
• Training of students on the proper use of the roads as pedestrians by a police officer in the school’s neighborhood (Theoretical and practical training)
• Training seminar for parents and teachers on "Prevention of Road Accidents"
• Drawing Contest for Road Safety (Students’ art work are used to print posters to send to schools allover Cyprus and/or are included in a 3-ply informative printed material)
• Slogan Contest for Road Safety (Best awarded slogan is printed on the posters sent to schools allover Cyprus and/or part of the rest of the slogans are included in a 3-ply informative printed material)
• Organization of a Treasure Hunt in the school for Road Safety among group of students
• Organization of a Research of the 3rd graders among the students of the whole school about their behavior in the roads as passengers, cyclists or pedestrians
• Use of an online interactive game on Road Safety developed by CNP ASFALISTIKH:
• Design and publishing of a 3-ply informative printed material
• Distribution by the students of the 3-ply informative printed material to all the families of the school, to the neighbors and to the nearby stores
• Writing of a school theater on Road Safety
• Publication of a story on Road Safety in a Children’s’ Magazine “Paidikh Chara”
• Organization of an event in the school when the Minister of Education and Culture, other VIP persons, police officers, parents and public &/ private TV channels and reporters attend (Presentation of students’ work on road safety and awarding of students who won the Drawing and Slogan competitions)
• Enrichment of the School’s Library with books on Road Safety Awareness
• Purchase of board games about Road Safety to use during the breaks and the lessons
• Writing of rhymes and alphabets for Road Safety by the students
• Synthesis of songs for Road Safety by the students and listening during the breaks in the schoolyard
• Design of a T-shirt for all the students of the school with the drawing and the slogan that won the competitions
• Creation by the students of a film on the right use of the road as pedestrians
• Use of tablets to create work on Road Safety by the students during the Life Education subject