The wheelchair hour - social campaign

3 April 2017 00:00 – 30 May 2017 00:00
Poland - nationwide


Akademia Auto Świat
In recent years, the number of traffic accidents caused by young drivers has gradually decreased, but since last year they have again been on the rise. According to the latest report by Police Headquarters, in 2016 young drivers were responsible for more than 5,800 accidents (240 more than in the previous year), in which 542 people died and nearly 8,000 were injured. Experts admit that current views warning against young drivers are not without cause. Young people’s risky behaviour and bravado, as well as the tendency to overestimate their own skills often leads to tragic consequences. Akademia Auto Świat have organised, a unique one-hour driving lesson which was a key motive of the campaign. Its main purpose is riding around the manoeuvring yard and around town in a wheelchair with the characteristic L sign for "Learner". The reactions of the students and their struggles were recorded for the advertising spot promoting the campaign. In this controversial way, the campaign’s creators want to encourage young people to reflect, and launch a public debate on the driver training process and its impact on road safety. "The wheelchair hour" is part of the AutoAsertywni campaign, an educational programme targeted at older students of upper-secondary schools, initiated last year by the Akademia Auto Świat. As part of the programme, schools throughout Poland are offering workshops aimed at developing proper driving behaviours in young people even before they start driving. The campaign spot along with other informational materials will be one of the tools used during the workshops.


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