Zavod VOZIM (DRIVing, Institute for innovative education)

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Zavod VOZIM (DRIVing, Institute for innovative education)

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Beginnings of Zavod VOZIM in 2010 are linked to road safety and addressing the problem of high number of young people injured in road accidents in Slovenia. From a small group of first youth workers - paraplegics and quadriplegics injured in road accident, we have evolved in organization focused on nonformal youth work, prevention, inclusion of persons with fewer opportunities.

Based on perceived needs among youth in general and the disabled (injured paraplegics, quadriplegics) we focus our activities on four main areas that are intertwined:
 affective prevention (in the field of road safety, harmful alcohol and drug use, accidents);
 youth work (prevention, promotion of a healthy lifestyle and sport; sustainable mobility);
 social inclusion of persons with fewer opportunities (disabled injured in road and other accidents that result in spinal cord injury and therefore life in wheelchair (social integration and empowerment for preventive youth work);
 social marketing campaigns for changing behaviour and raising awareness.


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