DocStop für Europäer e.V.

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DocStop für Europäer e.V.

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The association " DocStop für Europäer e.V." was founded in order to improve medical care on the road for all bus and truck drivers on trans-European routes. In Germany DocStop has created a network of some 700 doctors, clinics and contact points along the motorways in order to make mediacal help accessible to all professional truck and bus driver. All locations can be found on the DocStop website as well as several smartphone apps or by calling a hotline.

DocStop organisations in Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands are currently building up a medical network for drivers in each of these counries. The aim of DocStop is to install organisations similar to the on in Germany in all European countries and to provide medical help for truck and bus drivers everywhere in Europe.

Planned as a European pilot project, the founders want to make a contribution to road safety and to create a humane workplace for all bus and truck drivers in the transport business.