Krakow roads without alcohol - Krakowskie Drogi bez Promili

The "Krakow roads without alcohol - Krakowskie Drogi bez Promili" campaign, organized by the Prodriver Foundation, took place in Krakow in the form of four events. The aim of the campaign was to promote social attitudes and encourage the Cracovians to oppose driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs in the context of road traffic. The campaign was held at University of Economics in Kraków (06.06), in the square of the former Forum Hotel in Cracow in cooperation with, among others, the Association of Krakow Motorcyclists - the South Group and the Krakow Motorcyclists School (30.06), in ICE Kraków Congress Centre (01.09) and in M1 Kraków Shopping Center (30.09).

On our stands you could also an visit exhibition of rally cars and talk to Auto-Fart driving instructors and rally drivers about a great initiative to support young talents under the banner of "Future Rally Drivers Academy". All the events were very popular, thanks to the use of specialized and innovative methods and tools that the Prodriver Foundation has had for several years. Anyone who came to our stand could benefit, among others, from alco goggles, a rollover simulator, an alcometer, a safety driving simulator, or a filmed experience comparing sober and alcohol driving as the first experiment in Poland realised by Prodriver Foundation in September 2016. In addition, during the campaign, participants were able to get acquainted with the instruction of stopping the drunk driver and see a demonstration of a car extinguisher. During each visit officers of the Department of Road Traffic of Krakow Police Headquarter were also present, who responded to questions about road safety. The project was co-financed by the Municipal Commune in Krakow.