Day without Road Death

This year Technical School Slavonski Brod (TSSB) participated in Project EDWARD - Day without Road Death by organizing two activities in order to show future generation of traffic participants how to be safe in traffic, and how, by working together, we can save lives. The first successfully accomplished activity was a lecture held on September 14, honouring World First Aid Day. First year students and their teachers listened to a lecture on how to recognize an injured person and provide the adequate care. The lecture was organized by Red Cross and Youths of Red Cross TSSB, and carried out by Dr. Tomislav Pencinger. The second activity included first graders making a poster on celebrating European Day without Road Death and talking to other students about the importance of safety in traffic. We discussed the safety in traffic with fourth grade students, too, as they are future young drivers - especially topics such as the most common mistakes young drivers make. The students wanted to send a message to their peers: If we work together, we can do anything!