5 November 2017 23:00
Girteka Logistics HQ


Girteka Logistics in cooperation with Lithuanian Police
Girteka Logistics Mission is WE CARE. WE CARE about our community, and especially about road safety for children. Together with Lithuanian Police, Girteka Logistics again organized a children’s Road Safety Day for socially supportive children. Children and their teachers gathered at Girteka Logistics HQ for an interesting day. The program started with the Police demonstrating how well trained and disciplined Police dogs are and explained their importance in the daily work of the Police. Next on the schedule was Police commissioner Aistė Dijokaitė, who started children’s road safety education in Lithuania 10 years ago. Commissioner Dijokaitė conducted an interesting lesson where she explained about behavior on the Road and also how and why should we act the safest way: * How to wear reflectors just right? * Which way to go when there is no sidewalk? * What do road signs actually mean? * How does a cyclist's helmet work and demonstrated why to use it? * How to protect ourselves while being in the street or on the playing yard? Each child was given a copy of Commissioner Dijokaitė’s book “Road traffic rules for children” where they can find all the information given though theoretical information and practical tasks with drawings and stickers to make education not only useful but fun as well. The children each received a reflective west that they decorated to make it more personal. Girteka Logistics, Drivers Academy teacher Darius Visakavičius then invited the children to look at a Girteka Logistics truck, told them about the difference between cars and trucks and demonstrated the trucks blind zones. Darius shared the most useful advice – if you do not see the truck driver, he/she cannot see you as well. We are happy to join Road Safety initiative and invest in a safer environment for children today and tomorrow!


Our objective was not only to tell children about road signs, but to educate them about safety on the roads in general and decrease level of risk for those kids in creative, attractive and powerful way and add input in raising new generation for everyone’s higher level of safety on the road: • Explain rules of safe behavior • Most importantly explain them why accidents happen and how to avoid it • Make them aware about the dangers • Explain how bicycle helmet works and why we must use it while riding a bike • Tell how to properly use light reflectors and explain why we need it • Make them think and analyze situations shown on presentation videos • Make them understand the Safety is everyone's responsibility • Make them be aware dangers of using mobile phone while driving • Encourage them to talk to a driver if he or she is putting kids into danger • Make them care about themselves on the road • Explain about trucks – how it is different from regular cars • In creative way show kids blind spots of the truck following with advice – if you do not see the driver, the driver can’t see you either


Aistė Dijokaitė, Lithuania Police Commissioner
Darius Visakavičius, Girteka Logistics Drivers Academy Teacher
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