29 March 2017 00:00
Defining the problem: The students did not know to answer the question: " Who is involved at our school in a case of necessity for the safety of students ?" Description of the activity: The activity took place in the school (outer) courtyard and it consisted in: - a presentation of a police car to the students by the Police Department No. 26, which ensure the guarding and protection of pupils in the school. They, also, presented the police uniform. - a presentation of a forensics kit that is used in specific situations Objectives: - the students must be aware (of the fact) that they are safe in their school. - the students need to partially understand what being a cop/policeman means. Term/Period: March 2017 Participants/Partakers: - our school students, policemen from the Police Department No. 26, professors/teachers. Responsible: Manager Primary Educational Professor Ramona Dima