Drive Save

Initiative details

The main challenges that we want to improve are three:
- Improve the training of our drivers (both own workers and subcontractors)
- Improve the equipment of our vehicles (both own and subcontracted)
- Improve the safety of our facilities.
These challenges increase their difficulty because we are trying to carry them out in several countries at the same time. To date, we have done it in Spain, Chile and Mexico. This year we are doing it in South Africa, Italy, Polonia, Portugal, Croatia and Australia.

Initiative date


Who was/is your target audience?

Company employees
Fleet operators
Car drivers
Car drivers – professional
Van drivers
Lorry/truck drivers


Capacity building and training
Create awareness
Improve vehicles and infrastructure
Provide alternative solutions

Organisation details


Contact name

Luis Garcia Garrido

Telephone number

+34 687446070

Project activities

If you work together with external partners, list the most important partners and briefly describe their role.

Ilunion: Our training provider at the Spanish level that also actively collaborates in communication campaigns
Erom: Wind O&M company that works in our facilities and actively collaborates in our safety programs (has a fleet of 450 vehicles)
Gamesa: O&M company Wind O&M company that works at our facilities and actively collaborates in our safety programs (has a fleet of 200 vehicles)

Please describe the project activities you carried/are carrying out and the time period over which these were implemented.

The Drive Safe program within ACCIONA Energia varies according to each country because every country has unique needs. Below we will detail the main items.
- We publish a policy signed by the company's management.
_ We publish instructions in each country to regulate the road safety of our workers and our subcontractors)
-Carry out a strong training campaign based on the worker's profile. We give all workers (both own and subcontracted) a 4-hour theoretical course. And to the workers who have a fleet car, in addition, 6-hour of practical training. (between 2021 and 2022 €100,000 investment with 619 workers trained out of a target of 900 workers). Elements included in the training: circulation basics, safe driving techniques, defensive and preventive driving, eco-driving
- We improve the safety of vehicles with elements such as: reversing alarm, load separator,
- We provide all Vehicles with a Rescue Kit for emergencies
- A series of simple rules to follow but with great impact. For example, restrictions on the use of mobile phones while driving, driving with seat belt
- We carry out a program of inspections of both vehicles and our facilities and roads
- A strong information campaign through the company's internal communications to keep our drivers aware.
- Realization of meeting points where the commitment of the company and our Drive Safe program with society is demonstrated.
- All this is measured with a series of KPIs that measure the development of the implementation of the Drive Safe program and the improvement in accident data.


What has been the effect of the activities?

We are reaching more than 1,000 own workers and a similar number of subcontracted workers.
The main effect obtained is a reduction in the accident rate and a greater reporting of incidents as workers have greater awareness.

Please briefly explain why your initiative is a good example of improving road safety.

The key to our program is a strong commitment from the company's management together with the synergistic sum of different actions. We act on the main factors that influence accidents: drivers, vehicles and facilities.
We are looking for a road safety culture, more than implementing a temporary action plan. We want to create a Company Policy where Road Safety is not a goal, it is a value.
Thanks to the management's commitment, not only do we have a large budget, but they also support the publication of instructions that regulate driving rules beyond "strictly legal". For example, in Mexico, with the creation of the "Acciona Driver's License" with which we have achieved an 86% reduction in accidents among ACCIONA Energia workers

How have you shared information about your project and its results?

The spread of the program is internal within the company and affects subcontractors.
It communicates through internal means of communication such as email, webinars or Meeting Points