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In 2022, some 10,000 people died on the rural roads of Europe – more than half of all road deaths. Rural roads can be dangerous, compared to other road types. They often lack central and side barriers and allow for large speed and weight differentials between the vehicles that use them, from…
The European Commission has released the new Road Safety Country Profiles of the European Road Safety Observatory. These profiles offer a detailed assessment of road safety across the 27 EU Member States and three EFTA countries from 2012 to 2021.
The Young Novice Drivers Thematic Report, recently released by the European Commission, focuses on the safety of drivers aged 16-24. It outlines the process through which these novice drivers obtain their licenses and examines their attitudes towards road safety risks.
This edition of our newsletter announces the opening of our 2024 Excellence in Road Safety Awards application window.Our annual Excellence in Road Safety Awards recognises the contributions of our members towards the shared goal of improved road safety across Europe.The categories for 2024 are:
Do you have a road safety project or initiative that you think deserves EU-wide recognition? Apply now to win a prestigious Excellence in Road Safety Award. Your application will not only put you in with a chance to win a European award, but it will also help us to share good practices from…