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Regarding children in primary education, Rondpunt and ZEBRA are convinced that the understanding of the importance of safe behaviour in traffic can be stimulated by departing from the own experiences and emotions of the children in traffic. Rondpunt and ZEBRA strongly believe that it is important to involve the children in road safety education.
From this viewpoint, ZEBRA has developed with the financial support of the Flemish government, the 'mini-Zeppekit' for the Flemish primary education. The mini-Zeppekit is a simple educational tool that contributes to road safety through the emotions, questions and experiences of children. With this innovative approach to road safety education ZEBRA stimulates teachers to go into details about road safety and gives them a supportive tool to work on a difficult topic in the class. With the mini- Zeppekit ZEBRA takes on the challenge to bring a difficult theme into the classroom. Both for children who have already experienced a serious accident and children who have no experience in traffic.
ZEBRA is committed to provide 2300 primary schools in Flanders with a free 'mini-Zeppekit'. Schools can use it during the traffic weeks organised up to two times a year. Teachers can continue to receive more background information from ZEBRA and at
ZEBRA aims to promote and improve this approach by evaluating the method and make the necessary adjustments. ZEBRA wants to include the mini-Zeppekit as a permanent tool in road safety education. If it results that schools and children benefit from this approach, ZEBRA will not fail to seek further funds for additional mini-Zeppekits. Rondpunt supports and assists ZEBRA in this particular project.
In line with the 'mini-Zeppekit' ZEBRA has contacted the theatre maker and actor Wim Geysen ( to write a play about children and road accidents for elementary school children. This resulted in 'Samurai!', a theatre piece that succeeds to learn children how to deal with the traffic, in a creative and non-pedantic way. It is an occasion to reinforce social skills and work on feelings of sadness, fear and joy in the context of a traffic accident and its consequences.
ZEBRA promotes this theatrical performance in primary schools in Flanders by explicitly referring to it in its 'mini-Zeppekit' and on its website. All schools can book this performance by contacting Wim Geysen directly.
Together with the Flemish Foundation for Traffic knowledge (Vlaamse stichting Verkeerskunde) we develop traffic theme maps which focus on prevention and the experiences of children in the traffic. The style and figures of the 'Samurai!' play are central in all 10 themes. These maps are also included in the catalogue of the Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge and thus form part of their permanent offer and can be ordered directly by schools. 

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