European Road Safety Charter

Driving Research Group, Cranfield University

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

There is a pressing need to focus on vulnerable road users to achieve new UK objectives to reduce the number of people killed and injured in road traffic accidents by 50% in the next 10 years. By executing research and consultancy in the field of road safety and driver education we aim to provide evidence-based recommendations to key organizations about the best course of action to reduce the risk of crash involvement for vulnerable road users. Since 2001 we have established major contracts with national and international organizations to provide these solutions.
The Driving Research Group aims to address vulnerable road users via the following strategies:
1. We are establishing the world's first postgraduate qualification in Driver Behaviour and Education we aim to educate practitioners in the field of road safety about the human factors in driving. Student enrolment began in October 2008.
2. We facilitate the International Conference in Driver behaviour and Training in order to highlight the latest research in the field for the benefit of disseminating practitioner and academic knowledge of best practice. The conference will be held in Amsterdam in November 2009 and will have over 40 speakers from over a dozen countries.
3. We will disseminate information and produce different types of materials such as: journal papers, articles, features, products and evidence-based solutions as well as the post graduate qualification information and materials.
4. We will work in partnership with a²om. The a²om BTEC in Driving Science is the world's first academic qualification in novice driver training. We will assist in the design and development of technical solutions for educating drivers about the driving risks using the Goals for Driver Education as an underpinning foundation (a four level hierarchical approach to driver education). We will develop educational software to be used by organisations nationally and internationally. We will collaborate with a²om to develop the world's first qualification in learning to drive including a post-driving test component to reduce risk for newly qualified drivers.