Educational contest "Safe roads for children"

20 October 2015 00:00 – 30 December 2015 23:00
Baloži Secondary school


Baloži Secondary school
Location: Baloži Secondary school, LATVIA Time: October and December, 2015 Participants: Children (age 8 - 12) Competitions parts: I – The training Theoretical part – road traffic terminology, signs, traffic regulations Practical part – practical cycling skills II - School competitions 9th – 11th of December Participants – pupils, who gained knowledge during training Judges – teachers and pupils, who regularly attends classes III - Participation in Latvian school-wide road safety competition – ‘’Winter Cup’’ - 12th of December Cooperation partners – Balozi Town Sport Initiatives Center (Joined to Charter – year 2008). Participants – two best girls and two best boys in each age group (8, 9, 10, 11) from Baloži Secondary School and other children from Latvia. IV - Conclusion and vision for the future 1. Analysis of the results of the school competitions 2. Competition “Winter Cup” - Analysis of the results of national level competitions 3. The next events and action plan Conformity with the criteria: 1. Sustainability Yes! It is intended as an annual event for many years. We are going to learn and take over best experience from our cooperation partner Balozi Town Sport Initiatives Center - which is successfully implemented for 10 years. 2. Creativity Yes! These competitions are among their peers. After a difficult, sometimes monotonous daily training, that will motivate children to learn more about road safety issues. 3. Impact Yes! The opportunity to take part in the school and national level competitions, praise, diploma, prize - good motivation to learn the road traffic regulations and practical cycling skills. All of this together for pupil – who is participant in road traffic, shows that it was worth it to learn and train. A positive impact on the community - more knowledgeable participants of road traffic – IT’S SAFER FOR EVERYBODY! 4. Participation Yes! Pupils, who have been studying road traffic regulations and passed the test for getting the driving license, will help with the theoretical tasks and practical bicycle driving test (track preparation), as well as take part in the judging of the competitions. 5. Replication Yes! For this event we need only one interested organizer, responsive class teachers, and equipment which we already use in sports lessons in our school (cones, balls, skipping ropes, etc.). Of course, training and competitions would be more interesting and exciting, if we prepare more theoretical and practical exercises and barriers for getting better practical skills.


Road safety training through competition