Crisis response training for managers - is your company prepared?

8 April 2014 00:00
United Kingdom


This training course for fleet and HR personnel looks at the procedures an organisation should have in place to provide appropriate support following a road crash or other sudden, violent event.
The training covers:
Practical and procedural issues around a sudden death or serious injury
Possible impacts on your company
An introduction to the emotional needs of an employee bereaved through a sudden death, or seriously injured through a violent event
The roles and responsibilities of professionals who work with bereaved and injured people
What you can do to support affected personnel, and the limitations of your support
Communicating to other members of staff
Creating a crisis response team
The training is delivered by Rosie Murray, an expert trainer with extensive experience in training professionals to respond to disasters. Rosie has worked on behalf of Brake for many years to provide training to police family liaison officers and other professionals on liaising with bereaved and injured road crash victims in an appropriate and supportive way.
This event would not be possible without funding kindly provided by FMG.
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