Provision of research data to public authorities to inform road safety policies

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Provision of research data to public authorities to inform road safety policies

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NRSO is contributing extensively in several projects and scientific committees of the European Commission and other International Organisations (UN-ECE, WHO, ITF, World Bank, EIB, CEDR, ERF, IRF, FEHRL, ECTRI, UITP, ETSC, WCTR, TRB). Furthermore, NRSO cooperates and supports tens of Ministries, Authorities, Industries, Technology Groups, Research Institutes, Universities, NGOs involved in road safety in Europe and globally. More details are available at:


Please briefly explain why your initiative is a good example of improving road safety.

The contribution of a road safety observatory to saving lives on the road can only be indirect. However, this contribution is considered highly significant as it supports decisions at all levels, including the highest political commitment, which in turn have a great direct impact on saving massively lives on the road. Scientific evidence, guides road safety decisions of the authorities and the industry and supports building capacity and motivating all people involved on road safety management at all levels. Under this perspective, NRSO contribution in reducing road fatalities during the last 17 years is very significant, especially in Europe, the principal area of NRSO activities. NRSO together with its network of authorities, institutes and experts were key contributors to driving change, building capacity and changing road safety culture in Europe and the blatant reduction of road fatalities since 2004 can certainly co-attributed to them.