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The number of accidental deaths in Germany fell by 596 to an all-time low in the 2020/21 pandemic years.
This is a minus of 20 percent. The number of dead occupants of goods road transport vehicles, on the
other hand, rose by 60 percent to 70 dead drivers during this period. The majority died on highly
congested transit routes at the ends of traffic jams in front of permanent road works at peak traffic times.
This must have an end.

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Who was/is your target audience?

Policy makers
Public authorities
Company employees
Fleet operators
Car drivers – professional
Educational staff
Van drivers
Lorry/truck drivers


Create awareness
Provide alternative solutions

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Hellwach mit 80 km/h e.V.

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Dieter Schäfer

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+49 172 1351941

Project activities

If you work together with external partners, list the most important partners and briefly describe their role.

We spread our multilingual illustrated educational brochure that specifically informs the driver. The partners are medium-sized transport companies, but also real draught horses such as Daimler Trucks, Iveco Magirus AG, Kögel Trailer, the trade and goods logistics and food trade associations, technology companies such as Satlog AG, trade union circles such as the ver.di motorist circles and a few more. They all help to distribute the brochures and bring the Max Eighty Idea 2022 to the drivers. In this way, we want to bring about a change in behaviour and spark a European movement for more mutual consideration and, in particular, anticipatory driving on congestion-prone routes.

Please describe the project activities you carried/are carrying out and the time period over which these were implemented.

We know where the danger of death lurks. We know at what times it is heightened. We know why accidents happen and we know that the causes of death in accidents are almost exclusively to be found in distraction or microsleep, because the fatal impact occurs unbraked, i.e. with a run-up and the force of 40 tonnes.
Only one person can end the death immediately: the driver!
Many, however, lack a vital danger radar. There is a Europe-wide lack of training in the risks of accidents and in the effectiveness of the assistance systems installed in trucks.
The Max Achtzig Idea 2022 focuses on a multilingual illustrated educational brochure that specifically informs the driver. 10 rules illustrate the different dangers on the road, such as using your smartphone and eating while driving. The leading figure is Max, a friendly and helpful driver.

It is part of the Max Achtzig safety register for the driver's manuals of the transport companies, which has an accident-reducing effect when implemented in the company philosophy.
But the driver needs support in the company, in industry and trade, in politics and ultimately also in society. The supply of goods and the logistical supply chain can also break. Its strongest, but at the same time weakest link is the driver. He needs appreciation, but also the unmistakably conveyed awareness that he is transporting 40 tonnes of responsibility. Companies with social sustainability are more apt to eliminate stressors for drivers.
They can also manage time windows for loading activities more flexibly and thus more stress-free for the driver by introducing digital ramp management.
Technical measures are needed to accompany this.
A universal gadget must be developed for navigation apps that actively warns drivers with national voice output when approaching the end of a traffic jam.
When setting up permanent road works on highly congested transit routes, road authorities must plan the use of intelligent, implementable congestion warning systems as standard in order to warn road users in real time of the end of a traffic jam. Coupling this with an autonomous speed camera would give a distracted driver a "wake-up call" at the last moment.


What has been the effect of the activities?

We count the fatal accidents at the end of traffic jams. If these decrease, we are successful.

Please briefly explain why your initiative is a good example of improving road safety.

We are therefore constantly working on our network of supporters.
We strongly believe that those involved in the supply chain can curb the death at the tail end of congestion the fastest.
Synergies should be used to achieve more mutual consideration and cooperative behaviour in road traffic for society as a whole. After all, even car drivers are often in conflict with truck drivers.
As an NGO, we are in the process of concerting many stakeholders in the supply chain. However, targeted political support would strengthen and accelerate the process towards a movement.
Society has forgotten what consideration means. We remind them in simple words and catchy images. What we need is nothing less than a European movement.

How have you shared information about your project and its results?

We regularly publish our Info Letter, which we send to our members, our supporters and our Max Eighty
Media Circle. And we feed our homepage and social media.