I drive a safe car – summer vehicle courtesy inspection

Project activities

If you work together with external partners, list the most important partners and briefly describe their role.

school collaborates with the Warsaw Police Department of Road Traffic (Wydziałem Ruchu Drogowego Komendy Stołecznej Policji) where some police officers regularly carry out traffic safety training for our students.
The Warsaw Police Department of Road Traffic has been chosen as a strategic partner for our initiative on purpose. In addition, the Polish Insurance Chamber (Polska Izba Ubezpieczeń), which deals with supporting legislation authorities constructing insurance law, pronouncing an opinion of legal acts and reporting their projects, has also become our strategic partner. The Polish Insurance Chamber (PIU), with its office in Brussels, exchanges some information and cooperates with foreign institutions and organisations to the benefit of community rules.
The Polish Insurance Chamber promotes fair trade practices, popularises insurance entities initiatives (e.g. prevention initiatives) and specific insurance knowledge issued not only in various handbooks, guides, but also in press. At the same time it raises the insurance awareness of society.