European Road Safety Charter
Good Practice

Good practice submission

Good practice submission

Please describe the main road safety challenges/problems you have addressed or are addressing. 
A big percentage of road accident victims in Cyprus and the rest of Europe are young people under the age of 25, many of them not wearing helmets.As a pioneering member of the Eupopean Road Safety Charter since 2004, Cyta always believed that it is very essential to start educating and cultivating road safety awareness from the very early stages of a child’s life.
What are your objectives? 
1. The fact that the use of helmets in Cyprus was limited and the number of road accident victims (especially young motorists/cyclists) was big.
2. Our need as Cyta to keep being loyal to our commitment to Road Safety and keep supporting the targets of ERSC and the work of the Cyprus rensposible bodies for Road Safety (Police and related Ministries), by contributing to the creation of Road Safet
3. The need to contribute to the cultivation of road safety awareness starting from the early ages.

Project activities

List the actions you carried/are carrying out 
Tuesday, 1 January, 2013
Name of action 

Turning its commitment to ERSC into action, Cyta has been contributing to road safety as part of its Corporate Social Responsibily  both within the Organisation (as a responsible employer) and outside the company, as a responsible member and supporter of the Society. See the related corporate website and short video  on Cyta & Road Safety here the initiative of offering helmets:Cyta -  was the generator of the idea and responsible for the provision of specially designed safety helmets for the support of the Cyprus Police Road Safety Park.Cyprus Police – Resposible for the training of children in the Road Safety Park where the helmets are given as a present to all children receiving the special training.Ministry of Education & Culture – Encourages schools to visit the Park during school periods and receive the training on Road Safety as part of their school lessons.


What has been the effect of the activities? 
1. According to the reports of the Cyprus Police for the period of 2010 – 2014 (see attached table statistics), motorists-victims of road accidents in Cyprus (totalling 81) decreased from 19 to 14 respectively. Out of these 44 were motorists Holders of Learner’s Permit -HLP (17 years old). The importance of these statistics is the fact that victims holders of HLP were decreased by 54% in 2013 (from 13 to 6), while the decrease in 2014 compared to 2012 reached the impessive percentage of 85% (from 13 to 2). A similar impressive decrease applies for seriously injured HLP (from 81 in 2012 to 38 in 2014).Taking into consideration that Cyta’s initiative began in 2007, the abovementioned decrease can be linked to the first HLP drivers, that must have received as children training at the Cyprus Police Road Safety Park and a Cyta helmet.2. The interest of organised groups of children to visit the Police Park and receive training on Road Safety is very high and the free helmet is a very strong incentive.3. Since 2007, the Ministry of Education & Culture has endorsed lessons on Road Safety as part of the primary & secondary education . In 2015 the lessons have been extended to cover the Upper Secondary Education as well.
How have you shared information about your project and its results? 
The initiative has been publicised since it began in 2007 and every year new publicity is given with every occasion, i.e on the occasion of offering the new quantity of Cyta safety helmets to the Traffic Department of the Cyprus Police, as well as through related activities, such as the event to achieve the Guinness World Record etc.These actions on Road Safety are always promoted via Cyta’s website and Cyta’s social media acounts i.e Facebook, Twitter and You Tube Also, press releases are sent to and published by print and electronic media (including social media), CDs sent to Media People and to other organisations, such as the EFQM (EuropeanFoundation of Quality Management) etc. Representatives of Cyta participate as guests/speakers to TV / Radio programs, seminars, conferences and other events related to road safety issues.
How many people did you reach/have you reached? 

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