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Good practice submission

Please describe the main road safety challenges/problems you have addressed or are addressing. 
16 October 2009 signing the Charter. On 2 December 2009 participation in the session of the European Parliament. The subject thereof was the limitation of fatal accidents and improvement of safety of road users. Our school has been singled out to the European prize Excellence in Road Safety. 8 December 2009 Official Inauguration of Membership to the ERS Charter with the participation of authorities. In 2010 the first class of profile „Road Safety in Mobile Civilization” has been created. Cooperation with many institutions and other organisations promoting improvement of road safety has been established.
What are your objectives? 
Our activities aim at increasing the awareness among youth and create Leaders who promote road safety also spreading good practice. During every school year we participate in at least several, local initiatives which increase road safety.
Every year our students take part in blood donation campaigns.
Meetings with specialists help to aware young drivers, also giving them chance to develop and have fun at the same time.
Preventive workshops which are organized periodically constitute inseparable element of activities aimed at increasing road safety.
Recently performed Governmental Program „Bezpieczna +” is aimed at increasing the level of competence and safety of students in and outside school.

Project activities

List the actions you carried/are carrying out 
Tuesday, 1 September, 2009
Name of action 

Within the terms of performance of the above mentioned activities our students systematically take part in the following annual events:  Police Festival organized in Warsaw,  World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, Information Days in the Police Training Centre,  Periodical Preventive Lessons, Charter of Rights of Road Traffic Victims.Safe Driving Contest, Participation in Police Classes’ Tournaments, Participation in the National Motorization Tournament for Youth,  Governmental Program - Safe – live to the full!, Educational Workshops with the „Drive Safely’’ Foundation, Social campaign „Use the bell, you’ll feel safer”  Additionally, our students take an active part in activities such as: debates on the cycle of „Let’s talk about safety” with the participation of governmental and local authorities as well as representatives of media and other organizations committed to promotion of road safety organized by „Jedź bezpiecznie” Foundation (“Drive Safely”).Moreover, we are participants and co-organizers of social campaign such as: „Red - stop, green -  go”, „By bicycle safely to the goal” within governmental program „Together safer”, ”Direction Kindness in Public Transport”,  „Let’s be Safer Together” – the national campaign organized by Warsaw Trams whose we are also co-partners, „Wear high visibility units” with the co-operation with City Roads Authority for the capital city of Warsaw. The young people from our school have been trained in the scope of road safety, giving first aid as well as different techniques of motorcycling by Motopozytywni Foundation. We also took part in the Road Show Project within the terms of „Week of Road Safety for United Nations” – the students had the opportunity to meet with people who survived car crashes or were witnesses thereof. The young people also participated in the show prepared by PKP Intercity „Safe ride – stop and live” – the aim of the show was to increase awareness of threats resulting from failure to observe precautions during the rail ride. Together with „Jednym śledem” foundation (“One trace”) we took part in „MotoMikołajki” campaign on the 6 December 2013 in support of organizing the event as well as supporting foster homes.  Moreover, we organize meetings with road safety specialists, dealing with increasing of awareness in drivers where within the term of co-operation, the students have the excellent chance to develop and have fun at the same time, participating in School Championships in driving simulator.In 2012 as a result of the contest organized by „Państwo Obywatelskie” Foundation our school was awarded with the title of „Safe School”.Futhermore, the co-operation with the Institute of Automotive Transport allows us to use its equipment, including checking one’s skills in driving simulators in cars of different categories as well as to gain knowledge on one’s strengths and weaknesses, which constitute a future tip to improve quality and driving comfort of future drivers. Our students systematically take part in campaigns of honorable blood and bone marrow donations organized in the area of our school and outside it, they took part in Regional Championships of First Aid.In June 2015 we took part in 10th National PaT Stop– Profilaktyka a Ty (Preventive measures and You) supporting the actions to promote heath, culture of relations, social sensitivity and foremost freedom from violence and addictions.In the current school year we have already organized Governmental Program called „Bezpieczna +”. Our undertaking within the terms of the Program was aimed at improving safety of our students in and outside school and also road safety. Our project included actions aiming at increasing level of competence of students in scope of giving first aid as well as develop recommendation in situations consisting danger to health and/or life. We have trained all students of the first classes in the scope of giving first aid, 16 students also attended an extended qualified course of first aid which ended with an exam. Among the trained ones there has been a group of leaders selected. We equipped school with the necessary medical tools and equipment to train the youth as well as to give first aid.


What has been the effect of the activities? 
Survey among students, parents and partners .Interviews with particular partners.Evaluation of our activities allows us to get the answers for questions what we can do more, how to implement such activities, which methods to use, which methods are more effective and which are less.
How have you shared information about your project and its results? 
Participation in social campaigns as co-organizer and co-partner of the institutions acting for the benefit of improvement of safety in road traffic.Information on our activities in media (press, television, internet)Our students took part as a rescue team in securing New Year’s Eve Party in 2015 at National Stadium in Warsaw. The students were wearing rescue clothes and equipment which is a part of school workshop – school youth rescue team.
How many people did you reach/have you reached? 

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