Gestures that save lives

Initiative details

We are faced with the problem of people's incredulity, they do not understand how actions that they carry out on a daily basis have to be carried out out of conviction, because they did it automatically and thought that this had no explanation, that it had to be done because otherwise it would have consequences, especially economic ones, due to the fines that could be imposed by the different police forces.

Initiative date

Who was/is your target audience?

Policy makers
Public authorities
Children 0-16
Young adults 17-25
Company employees
Fleet operators
Car drivers
Car drivers – professional
Educational staff
Emergency services
Public transport
Van drivers
Lorry/truck drivers
Micromobility riders
Powered two wheeler riders (excluding micromobility)


Capacity building and training
Create awareness
Education in school or in community organizations
Improve vehicles and infrastructure
Provide alternative solutions

Organisation details

Plataforma Motera para la Seguridad Vial

Contact name

María José Alonso de Arriba

Telephone number


Project activities

If you work together with external partners, list the most important partners and briefly describe their role.

Dirección General de Tráfico, Guardia Civil de Tráfico, radio COPE Valencia

Please describe the project activities you carried/are carrying out and the time period over which these were implemented.

In the first place we make a list with gestures or actions, which we usually perform automatically, which automatons

That we transferred to users in infographics format, and we asked them if they knew why they did that, for example
* To put on helmet
* Put on the seat belt
* Buy or non -shareholders
* Place and set well nlas sri
* Subject children in the SRI etc, etc.
The majority responded that because they did not do so and stopped the police, they could fine them.

We explain that kisses gestures should be done by conviction, because he would not make consequences that are not solved with money.
From there, we involve all kinds of organizations, institutions, public bodies


What has been the effect of the activities?

There are thousands of people who have received this information. Hundreds of ambassadors who have joined to continue with these gestures. You cannot give an exact figure, because it is a campaign that will never end, fortunately Vel better marqueting you see "mouth to mouth." This will mean a before and after in how road sustainability should be seen in all its stages, models and municipalities. It is applicable goes all kinds of municipalities, countries, cultures, because here the important thing is to transfer the message of reasoning, teach to think. They can be held from face -to -face days, to online days, there are no barriers !!

Please briefly explain why your initiative is a good example of improving road safety.

Because security is understood through reasoning and understanding, that leads to conviction, it is best to teach to think to value life.

Besides. It is low cost.

How have you shared information about your project and its results?

This project has been carried out online, in RRSS, also in person touring the entire country involving official municipalities and organizations. He is being disseminated by the media, written press, online press, radio. Television, Blog, YouTube.