ANWB Streetwise | De Verkeersgame (traffic game)

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ANWB Streetwise | De Verkeersgame (traffic game)

Organisation details

Den Haag

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Thijs Komen

Telephone number

0031 (0)640232560

Project activities

If you work together with external partners, list the most important partners and briefly describe their role.

1. Development concept and game: &Samhoud creative tech / &Ranj
During the development of ANWB Streetwise | De verkeersgame (traffic game) we worked closely together with both parents and kids in order to make it engaging, but also user friendly. Apart from co-developing with the target group, we also cooperated with a traffic psychologist, education expert and behavioural experts to strengthen the educational value of the game, while building on behavioural models like CMAO that provide the basis for sustainable behavioural change. NB. In this model, Cognition (C) is combined with intrinsic motivation (M), skill building (Ability) and opportunity(O) for kids to learn in a way that is inviting and keeps driving positive behaviour.

2. Campaign
We worked closely with several partners to create a 360 campaign.
Fitzroy created the big idea "rules of the street", Yune did the production, Fitzgerald and Wavemaker were responsible for PR, influencers & native content.


Please briefly explain why your initiative is a good example of improving road safety.

Through playing the game, we discovered that 88% of the players were able to improve themselves in passing questions that they failed the first time - indicating a high learning curve leading to knowledge increase. The app was received very positively by both parents, kids and teachers who indicated the app would be a perfect follow-up at home, engaging kids and parents in traffic education.

We also see that parents engage well via the special parent-kid mission that is executed in real traffic.