Our Technology category winner is...

The Excellence in Road Safety Awards 2022 is an annual opportunity to recognise the contributions of our community of members towards the common goal of improved road safety across Europe. Taking place on 17 October, this year there were 4 categories in which the very best initiatives were spotlighted; Component of a Safe System Approach, Professional Drivers, Young People, and Technology.

This year’s winner in the Technology category is Initiative für sichere Straßen GmbH from Germany for their incredible work on the EDDA + Hazard Score Map. We would like to extend our congratulations for their innovative work which is making roads safer!

Initiative für sichere Straßen GmbH from Germany has introduced the EDDA + Hazard score map which pioneers a new approach to using road safety data.  This initiative detects potential dangers in road traffic at an early stage by combining existing safety-relevant data with multiple other data sources, such as citizen reports. 

Through collaboration with various groups, such as parents’ initiatives and municipalities, some of these danger spots have already been eliminated by implementing safety measures. Many other stakeholders such as police departments and infrastructure companies can now use the map and scoring system and the analysis can help inform decision-making to create safer roads. 

If you’d like to see more about Initiative für sichere Straßen GmbH, watch the video below or click here to read their full good practice submission.


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