Our National Relays support European Mobility Week 2021

The European Mobility Week with a focus on “safe and healthy mobility” ran from 16 – 22 Sept this year with many of the European Road Safety Charter’s National Relays taking part by organising a wide range of activities to increase awareness of road safety. 

Here is an overview of a range of different activities organised and/or supported by our National Relays:


Czech Republic

The National relay in the Czech Republic, Centrum dopravního výzkumu, planned two activities to support the European Mobility Week:

  • The Researchers’ Night took place on 24 September. On that day, they opened their buliding to the public. It‘s a nationwide event for the public about research activities.  Read more about the Researchers’ Night.
  • They are also running a Competition “Improve transport with us” from 1 September to 30 Nevember 2021 and is intended for students. The aim of the competition is to make transport safer, greener, smoother, more efficient and more pleasant. Click here for more information about the competition.



The National Relay in Bulgaria, the Institute for Road Safety (IPB)  joined forces with BARIS and SBA, to organise a special road safety event. Some of the activities at the event were:

  • Races with modified cars
  • Special games
  • Workshops focussing on young and disabled people



In Finland our relay, the Finnish Road Safety Council - Liikenneturva supported Mobility Week by organising many local activities in Finland. They were also active across their social media to help build awareness of safe and healthy mobility.



Our Spanish National Relay, Fundación MAPFRE,  developed different activities focusing mainly on attitudes and skills in the handling of electric scooters. Their campaign "On a scooter, if you do it right, everything goes right" in partnership with the RACC, as well as the DGT, the FIA and Pirelli  focused on providing training activities across Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza to promote greater awareness about the correct use of personal mobility vehicles (VMP)

In addition to the face-to-face activities, there were also dissemination actions aimed at communication and social networks.

Find out more here 



Fundación MAPFRE was also present at Mobility Week in Lisbon with the theme "Move sustainably - be healthy". They pedaled for sustainability, literally!

Every attendant was invited to exercise, pedaling on a static bicycle. The bike works as a generator, whose energy is used in a fruit squeezer.



Our Hungarian National Relay , KTI organised a range of activities, under the theme “Reducing motorized transport, while increasing the popularity of non-motorized transport modes”:

  • Operating a Bicycle service stand for 4 days
  • Involvement in organising e-Mobility days together with the Ministry of Innovation and Technology
  • Procurement of road safety related and other hand-outs
  • Procurement of reflective vests to ensure a uniform appearance of event organizers, and also to promote visibility
  • Organisation and implementation of the annual European Mobility Week creative artwork competition and award ceremony
  • Publishing a calendar with the award winning artworks
  • Procurement of bicycles, scooters, helmets, sports equipment vouchers as the award prizes



In Greece the National Relay, Road Safety Institute (RSI) "Panos Mylonas", carried out a series of awareness raising and educational activities

  • Event on electric scooters
  • In partnership with The Traffic Police,  trainers informed schools, students and local associations about the safe and proper use while crossing the “Afroditi” new bridge/aerial walkway of the Municipality of Palaio Faliro
  • Organised a road safety simulator event took place in Central Greece at the Municipality of Larissa, under the support of the Aegean Motorway S.A.
  • Awareness activities concerning safe cycling for children
  • Ran the 1st International Training Activity of the European project “MOVING STARS”, in Athens with participation of partners from Greece, Ireland, Poland, Spain and Turkey. “MOVING STARS” is an Erasmus+ KA2 School Education project funded by the European Union that aims to update teachers’ skills and knowledge on Road Safety by developing an innovative and educational programme of movement-based and game-based learning activities as well as videogames using motion sensing input devices. 


For more information about European Mobility Week activities click here