European Road Safety Charter

The Charter at EU Safety 2022

On the 23rd and 24th of June, international experts discussed the effects of digitalization on safety at the EU Safety Conference in the magnificent “Palais NiederÖsterreich” in Vienna. The conference was organised by KfV (Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit), our National Relay for Austria.  

The densely packed programme included presentations on various safety topics such as data collection on safety issues, the use of artificial intelligence for preventing injuries, injury surveillance, child safety, safety communication and road safety. With over 200 participants from over 50 countries, the conference was clearly a success.

The European Road Safety Charter Team presented at the event on 24th June and invited the conference participants to join our network of members. We explained the background and purpose of the Charter, how the network operates and how best practice is shared. It was also stressed that most communication is in the national language(s) of EU countries. After the presentation, there were several questions and indications of new organisations willing to commit to our network including from countries from outside the EU (Norway and Moldavia).