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The European Road Safety Charter is calling for more stakeholders to join its existing community of members. Any company, association, local authority, research institution, university or school from any EU member state is welcome to sign a commitment. From multinational corporations to small businesses, entities of all shapes and sizes are welcome to sign up to the European Road Safety Charter. With more than 4,000 signatories and counting, the Charter continuously encourages and supports unique, creative commitments to reducing road fatalities.

This is an invitation by the European Commission to take concrete actions, assess results and further heighten awareness about the need to reduce road accident fatalities.

Genuine recognition is given to all entities that commit to the European Road Safety Charter. Road safety actions and initiatives that are carried out by our members are made accessible to the public via the Charter website. This visibility enables others to learn and become inspired to carry out similar or even more innovative actions.

By signing a commitment, participants can positively influence one or more of the following vital road safety issues that form a backbone to an integrated approach to road safety:

  • Vehicle Safety: Innovation, safety devices, vehicle regulation policies.
  • Infrastructure Safety: Safer road infrastructures, road safety impact assessment.
  • User behaviour: Increased understanding, improved skills, and strengthened attitudes.

Committed members do not only contribute to reducing the number of deaths and casualties every year; their actions are also lessening the environmental impact of traffic accidents, reducing the hefty financial cost, increasing public attention and enhancing their own corporate responsibility.

Sign the commitment

Eager to become part of the Charter’s community, be informed and inspired, and contribute to the European dialogue on road safety? Sign the commitment here and become a member in no more than a few minutes. Together, we save lives!

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